Highlights from the U19 T20 Women's World Cup final India vs. England: India makes history to win first ever Women's Under-19 World Cup against England | cricket news (2023)

Highlights from the U19 T20 Women's World Cup final India vs. England: India makes history to win first ever Women's Under-19 World Cup against England | cricket news (1)

U19 T20 Women's World Cup Final highlights: Indian players celebrate.© Gorjeo

IND x ENG, U-19 Women's World Cup final summary: India made history by winning the first U-19 T20 Women's World Cup by defeating England by seven wickets. Chasing a target of 69, India took the target in 14 overs, losing just three wickets. Earlier, India's bowling attack led by pace sensation Titas Sadhu and leg spinner Parshavi Chopra put in a superlative performance to defeat England for 68. While Sadhu came back with impressive figures of 4-0-6-2 , Chopra also gave ample display of his prowess by breaking two for 13. Archana Devi also started 2 for 17, while Mannat Kashyap (1/13), Shafali Verma (1/16) and Sonam Yadav (1/3) accounted for a chunk of land each. (Highlighter)

India Women's Under-19 (Playing XI):Shafali Verma(c), Shweta Sehrawat, Soumya Tiwari, Gongadi Trisha, Richa Ghosh(w), Hrishita Basu, Titas Sadhu, Mannat Kashyap, Archana Devi, Parshavi Chopra, Sonam Yadav

Final, ICC T20 Women's U19 World Cup, 2023, 29 January 2023 Final match IND-WU1969/3 (14.0)ENG-WU1968/10 (17.1)Senwes Park, PotchefstroomIndia Women U19 def England Women U -19 for 7 wickets

England Women U19 (Playing XI):Grace Scrivens (c), Liberty Heap, Niamh Fiona Holland, Seren Smale (w), Ryana Macdonald Gay, Charis Pavely, Alexa Stonehouse, Sophia Smale, Josie Groves, Ellie Anderson, Hannah Baker

Here are highlights from the U19 T20 Women's World Cup Final between India and England from Senwes Park in Potchefstroom:

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    At the time, that's all coverage of this game and also the inaugural edition of the U-19 T20 Women's World Cup. This tournament has certainly raised the bar for women's cricket and that is a huge boost for the game of cricket. Well, the focus will now shift to the ICC Women's T20 World Cup which starts on February 10th. Make sure you don't miss any action. Until then, take care and bye!

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    Right after the interview, Shafali Verma collects the trophy and lines up with her team for a team photo. So India Women's U19 is shining in the sun here in South Africa by becoming the first Women's U19 team to lift the World Cup. Smiles across the Indian camp and they really lit up the tournament with the way they played.

  3. !

    Now, it's time for the winning team to collect their medallions and that's it. Shafali Verma, the captain of the India Women's Under-19s, participates in a chat. She reports that all the girls were amazing. It's great and I'm glad everyone supports each other. Verma can't hold back the tears of happiness. She credits the behind-the-scenes team for their tremendous support. She thanks BCCI for giving her this side and is proud to have won the cup with this squad. He praises Shweta Sehrawat's consistent performances with the sword. She ends by saying that her goal will be to win another trophy in February, but this time with the Indian women's team.

  4. !

    England's Under-19 players are now called upon to collect their medals, following a further conversation with Grace Scrivens. This time, he focuses on the team aspect. She says they are heartbroken and feel it was the beating that let them down. He adds that his hitting was pretty good throughout the tournament, but he couldn't do well today. He reckons they went with the fearless bat mentality, but it didn't work today. He shares that it has been a great privilege to lead the team and that the support of the senior team and family has been incredible.

  5. !

    Grace Scrivens, captain of the England women's under-19 team, wins the Player of the Series award for her all-out effort. She begins by saying that she is quite satisfied with her performance during the course. He comments that it is the first time that she plays outside the country and that here she is recovering a lot of learning.

  6. !

    Titas Sadhu wins the Woman of the Game award for her excellent spell with the new ball. He says it feels surreal and they've been looking forward to this day for a long time. He adds that they had a plan and it was all about execution. She shares that she doesn't feel alone despite being the one to set the pace next door. Consider they had a good idea of ​​where to bowl on this wicket after playing a few games here. He ends by thanking his coaches.

  7. !

    Wait for the presentation...

  8. !

    Archana Devi is next to chat. She says it feels brilliant and she's glad they've completed the work they came here for. He adds that he will look to perform well whenever he can. He ends by saying that field practice resulted in her catching that stunner one-handed.

  9. !

    Gongadi Trisha also participates in a lightning interview. She says it's a proud moment as this is her first World Cup. Share that you are super happy and that you have been waiting for this day.

  10. !

    Nooshin Al Khadeer, the India coach, is ready for a quick chat. She says it feels fabulous and they've been waiting for this moment for so long. She adds that the girls' belief was everything, even after losing to Australia early in the competition. Share that they got goosebumps from the moment the national anthem played to the moment they won. She ends by saying that God has been kind and she keeps things simple.

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    Early in the innings, after being brought in at bat, England Women's Under-19s looked down and out from the start as they began to lose wickets early on. No one but Ryana Macdonald-Gay has turned the sword on England. Once again it was a disgraceful performance with the bat for England in this competition. India Women U19 were exceptionally good with the ball. Titas Sadhu set the tone and soon the spinners came into play and never let the English batsmen breathe easy. Finally, the England women's under-19 team's winning streak was snapped.

  12. !

    England's under-19 players haven't had much to fight for here. However, England started quite positively and saw a glimmer of hope as they saw the back of Shafali Verma, who appeared to be in good contact. Soon, Grace Scrivens got the better of Shweta Sehrawat. Though they were unable to find the third wicket as early as they would have liked and that's where the game slipped away from them. Alexa Stonehouse and Hannah L Baker also took a wicket each but lost.

  13. !

    Soumya Tiwarista stays out until the end and scores the winning streak here. Before long, his teammates steal him and run over the ropes and celebrations across India begin. And the Indian team is on the winning lap here. The crowd is also getting into the wave. India got off to a bright start thanks to a spirited tackle by Shafali Verma. Although the India women's under-19s were under some pressure from the start, their starting partner was sent back in the blink of an eye. Soumya Tiwari and Gongadi Trisha, although they left in a precarious situation, controlled their nerves very well. The two sewed a crucial position to bring their team closer to victory.

  14. !

    The final chapter of the ICC Women's U19 T20 World Cup comes to an end and India wins the inaugural tournament. What day is this for indian cricket. England failed to repeat their heroic semi-final effort against Australia and failed to cross the line here.

  15. 13.6


    Hannah L. Baker and Soumya Tiwari

    THAT'S IT! India Women's U19 is the champions of the first ICC Women's T20 World Cup U19! Hannah L Baker plays this short and so on, Soumya Tiwarip kicks this one for coverage. The defender fumbles and that's enough for the India Women's Under-19s to go over the line. Indian players enter the field with the tricolor and are exceptional scenes.

  16. 13.5

    Hannah L. Baker and Soumya Tiwari

    Flying, more complete on-off, Soumya Tiwarigoes for the drive, but misses. The goalkeeper removes the goals but Soumya Tiwari was well inside.

  17. 13.4


    Hannah L. Baker and Soumya Tiwari

    SCORE LEVEL! She floated and filled, out out. Soumya Tiwarileans and plays on deck. They do two races.

  18. 13.3

    Hannah L. Baker and Soumya Tiwari

    Flat and off, defended.

  19. 13.2

    Hannah L. Baker and Soumya Tiwari

    Flying delivery, more complete, Soumya Tiwarileans steps forward and pushes him into cover.

  20. 13.1

    Hannah L. Baker and Soumya Tiwari

    Short and off the mark, Soumya Tiwaridabs goes straight to the point back.

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