India vs New Zealand live via 2. T20I T20 11 15 Updates | cricket news (2023)

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14,6 Overs (1 Carrera)1 carrera

14,6 Overs (1 Carrera)¡Ancho!

14,5 Overs (1 Carrera)Hardik Pandya was quicker on the pads and put it away with a square leg.

14,4 Overs (0 Carrera)Fuller and facing the pads, Hardik Pandya sweeps it straight onto the short fine leg.

14,3 Overs (0 Carrera)OUTSIDE! WITHOUT! Lots of confusion in the middle and finally made the right decision. Glenn Phillips shoots this one full length and on the stump Suryakumar Yadav attempts the backswing but misses and the ball goes off his pads towards the cover spot. SKY is already in the middle of the range, but Washington Sundar remains at the end. Blair Tickner picks up the ball and returns it to the goalie. Devon Conway is taking his bails and it looks like Sundar sacrificed himself and allowed SKY to cross him. The Kiwis are reconsidering LBW's decision as they want SKY's bottom, but UltraEdge shows there is a glove in play and it will end up being a burnout. Also, skipper Hardik Pandya is now out to bat.India vs New Zealand live via 2. T20I T20 11 15 Updates | cricket news (1)

is this out There seems to be a bit of confusion in between. Suryakumar Yadav goes to review for a BPN decision. However, there is also a clear exhaustion. So the referees check everything. UltraEdge shows there is a bat in the game and the final decision remains. Washington Sundar sacrifices his wicket.

14,2 Overs (0 carrera)Suryakumar Yadav, faster again and a little shorter off the stump, keeps him out.

14.1 Overs (0 Carrera)Well bowled! A faster annoying length and good looking. He slips and Suryakumar Yadav misses the slash shot.

Will there be a bowling change? Yes, Glenn Phillips (3-0-14-0) replaces Ish Sodhi.

13,6 Overs (1 Carrera)IT FELL! A brave effort by Jacob Duffy but Suryakumar Yadav survives. Michael Bracewell throws it up and the ball spins into the pads. Yadav drops to his knees and attempts the slog sweep but misses the timing for the deep square leg back. Duffy runs to the left and dives, but the ball keeps slipping away. Duffy puts a hand on him and they get one.

13,5 Overs (1 Carrera)Washington Sundar flies around the middle again and throws it just before time and down for a single.

13,4 Overs (0 carrera)Well played! It gives it a lot more air and allows it to float around it in the lock hole. Washington Sundar wants the big jerk across the line but gets an inside edge on the pads.

13,3 Overs (0 Carrera)Faster and shallower from the stump, the stump cuts straight to the tip.

13,2 Overs (1 Carrera)A flown delivery, and Suryakumar Yadav turns from the outside, shuffles a bit and smacks it mid-goal to run.

13,1 Overs (1 Carrera)Michael Bracewell returns for his final over, starting with a full throw down the middle. Washington Sundar misses as he rows past Square Leg for just a single.

12.6 overs (2 runs)Flatters one on the stump, Suryakumar Yadav kicks him back for too long and grabs one from the runs. Good run and they pick up 9 runs from each other, a good one for India.

12,5 Overs (1 Carrera)Washington Sundar is shorter and turns away from the stump, falling back and hitting the ceiling again.

12,4 Overs (1 Carrera)Thrown very full and round, Suryakumar Yadav propels him across the floor and lines up on the opposite side for a single.

12,4 Overs (1 Carrera)BROAD! That's the 'a' wrong, but it also falls on the wrong lien. Lower leg and Suryakumar Yadav leaves him alone for a expanse.

12,3 Overs (1 Carrera)Fuller and on the leg stump, this is turned for one more towards the middle of the wicket.

12,2 Overs (1 Carrera)Uppish for sure! Beautifully thrown on a tree stump, Suryakumar Yadav tries to lift it inside out, but time flies. The ball goes too far and they get a single.

12.1 overs (2 runs)Only briefly! On an annoying long way and away from the center, Suryakumar Yadav rocks back and slices past the diver at the cover point. Daryl Mitchell has a fingertip on it, but they're picking up a few runs.

11,6 Overs (1 Carrera)Fuller and deflected towards the leg stump, Suryakumar Yadav sweeps hard but straight into the deep square back of the leg for a run.

11,5 Overs (0 Carrera)Suryakumar Yadav is thrown out and spins sharply, trying to swing backwards but getting a smack in his gloves. A stifled appeal to lbw, nothing more.

11,4 Overs (0 carrera)Well played! This one flew, lengthways and looks good. This one swings in a mile and betas the inside edge of Yadav's bat.

11,3 Overs (0 Carrera)This is shot outside in its entirety and just inside the tram line. Suryakumar Yadav takes him down and Devon Conway from behind the stumps does well to kick him.

11,2 Overs (1 Carrera)This is slightly shorter and on the pads Washington Sundar works it for a single before mid-wicket.

India are also struggling with the spin but they know New Zealand will have to face their pacesetters and they will try to attack then. It's just a chess game.

11.1 overs (4 runs)FOUR! That takes some of the pressure off! Truly a treat, this one from Glenn Phillips as he throws a juicy full throw down the side of the leg. Washington Sundar is helping him past the man who is diving for a cap on his short, skinny leg.India vs New Zealand live via 2. T20I T20 11 15 Updates | cricket news (2)

10,6 Overs (0 Carrera)Bring him outside, Suryakumar Yadav tries to spin him but takes him from the inner half to the launcher.

10,5 Overs (1 Carrera)This is flatter and around the pads, Washington Sundar pushes it to a short, skinny leg for a single.

Washington Sundar will be promoted if he comes out in the middle now.

10,4 Overs (0 carrera)OUTSIDE! OUT OF STOCK! Straight to the outfielder and India loses their third wicket. Ish Sodhi throws it in the middle of the stump and it's the normal leg rest. Rahul Tripathi clears the front leg and looks for the big slog sweep before the square, also on the turn. Tripathi gets an upper edge and the ball flies to the right of deep center wicket where Glenn Phillips makes an easy catch. This is where it gets interesting.India vs New Zealand live via 2. T20I T20 11 15 Updates | cricket news (3)

10,3 Overs (0 carrera)Flatter this time, no stump and straight ahead, Rahul Tripathi is late and gets hit in the gloves.

10.2 Overs (0 Carrera)Deflected nicely down the middle and pulling away, Rahul Tripathi steps up and keeps him off the team.

10,1 Overs (1 Carrera)This crawls around the leg stump a bit, Suryakumar Yadav steps into its crease and pulls it down for a solo. The 50 is now ready for India.

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  • India vs New Zealand : India vs New Zealand Live Cricket Score 2023 Live Score from today's game on NDTV Sports
  • India vs New Zealand : India vs New Zealand Live Cricket Score 2023 Live Score from today's game on NDTV Sports
2nd T20I, New Zealand at India, 3 T20I Series, 2023, Jan 29, 2023 Match OverIND101/4 (19.5)NZ99/8 (20.0)Bharat Ratna Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee Ekana Cricket Stadium, LucknowIndia schlug Neuseeland mit 6 Wickets

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